Leadership Lessons from Oracle's Larry Ellison

Updated: May 9

Larry Ellison, the Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle has built one of the most important cloud database technology software companies. I think he has impeccable salesmanship but also vision for the future. I also think that he has trouble with authority and conventional wisdom from listening to some of his interviews and that is what makes him a great innovator and pioneer. Many people do what most other people do without ever questioning the rules and the norms and are people pleasers and rule-followers who never speak their minds or think critically and independently. I think in the era of political correctness, cancel culture, Larry is not and has continued to stay Larry despite the naysayers, haters and critics. That is a very hard but very brave thing to do in today’s business world and in the era of cancel culture as a top executive. Larry is the real life Iron Man.

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Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure is becoming more and more important as many businesses, institutions and governments begin to run on the cloud and as enterprises virtualize and digitalize, Oracle dominates increasing marketshare of Enterprise Database.

Larry Ellison’s Trojan Horse: Oracle Exadata in 86% of Fortune Global 100 - Cloud Wars

Confounding His Critics, Larry Ellison Turns Oracle into Cloud Powerhouse

Larry has interesting thoughts on the post-covid world as well and believes that we are not going back to normal in many ways. Customers, and Employees everywhere are happier in a more digital world of greater convenience, with less travel, especially employees and contractors in the IT sector who are more comfortable working remotely.

Diginomica | Oracle's Larry Ellison on a post COVID-19 world "We're never going back."

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