Website and App Blockers For Focusing in a Distracted Era

Today we live in a very distracted age. There is an abundance of information coming in at all times from all websites, apps, social media networks and people in an epic war for our attention and this infodemic is overwhelming our ability to concentrate, focus, remember and do what we need to get done. And it’s happening to all of us all of the time, because we use so many connected devices and connected apps to no fault of our own.

I have spoken about the mechanics of the war on our attention before and the pervasiveness of what is going on from a technology standpoint to a neuropsychology perspective.

Battle to the Bottom of the Human Brain Stem, Infodemic, Protecting Your Attention in the Attention Economy, Digital Mindfulness

I have also spoken about how a simple tool — meditation and mindfulness helps us find our focus and flow tremendously even in a tremendously distracted and stressful age, and more importantly than that, it helps us align with our values so we can feel our best, be at our best and perform our best. So Ironically we can use the Headspace App which I believe is the best App on the smartphone because it’s the only one designed to reduce your stress instead of increase it.

Thriving in a Stressful Day and Age with Mindfulness + Meditation

Nonetheless, I will admit that in 2021, it is becoming brutal to have an attention span longer than a few seconds since everyone is out to get it. However, there is another failsafe situation — another app ironically which can help prevent us from falling into the endless rabbitholes and escapism and wasting hours of our lives every day because of the infinite scroll and addictive properties of social media websites and apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. There are high quality people, channels, and content to subscribe, follow and watch of course on all of these platforms for ideas, inspiration, and edutainment, but I think it’s all to easy to spend way too much time there, and I know personally I have spent alot of time there, especially in 2020, when I could have spent even more time focusing on my own work and content and if it’s true for me, it’s definitely true for others as well.

This website and app to block or limit the time spent on other time, attention, and energy draining websites and apps is called Freedom. And Freedom is a website and a mobile app available for your desktop or smartphone.

I have used it and highly recommend it and even recommend the premium version because I know I waste alot of time on social media. I think people should also use it or apps like it and be very mindful of the endless time sinks of social media and all these websites and apps because they are designed that way purposefully to keep us glued to our screens. It lets you set time limits and create lists of distracted websites and apps for both mobile and desktop.

Freedom in 2020: A Year Online

After all, our attention = time and time = money. What would you do with hundreds, if not thousands of hours of time compounded over hours, days, weeks, months and years instead of wasting all that time on social media? In the attention economy, the value of the quality of our attention is only going to increase. The people who can stay focused for the longest will win because the internet will increasingly reward the most creative, innovative and productive as work increasingly goes to the cloud and becomes more human in nature as the other aspects of it getting increasingly automated.

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